Monday, May 17, 2010

Flower Power results

So the race came and went. I believe that there were 115 people that raced. It was a good turn out. Dawn, my wife, did really well. She put in a great effort. She did a warm up run with my friend Bob. While she was racing my daughter and I walked the course popping in here and there to cheer her on. She later thank me for the support. I too know what it is like to know people are there to root for you. Dawn did 1 lap and finish in 36:19. I am really proud of her. She now has a base line set that she can personally improve on.

My friend Bob did the race on his recently built GT 1x9. It is quite a nice rig and it was the first time it seen Catamount in its current state. Bob did 3 laps in right at one hour. An excellent job and a good place to start the season. This bike is the brain child of us putting together ideas and bringing it to reality. It seems to be the perfect rig for this race series. Time will show how well it shines. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm back!

Ok, this blog has been dormant long enough. This is one last attempt to make good on a continued discussion of cycling events that involve my wife, my friends, and me. This weekend my wife is going to race her first ever MTB race. It is at Catamount Outdoor Center. The first race of the season is called the Flower Power race. It is to ring in the new season and open up for the Catamount Mountain Bike Series races. My friend Bob is racing it too. So my daughter and I will be course side with the cowbells and a lot of spirit to cheer them on. Stay tuned for the stories and maybe even some photos. Thanks, Wil