Tuesday, June 28, 2011

on the mend!

Well, most of my time in the past couple of weeks have been spent with just enough energy to work and then crash. My body has taken advantage of rest to restore itself to a functional state. I tell you, the more days that went by, the more I found things that were destroyed with me. It finally came to the point where the days go by and I feel a little better with each one. It finally does not feel like a knife is being shoved into my chest when I sneeze. I have been able to get some good motion out of the arm. I go back to the doctor on Friday for another xray to see how things are looking. I am hopeful that I'm coming along quite well and hope to be back on the bike SOON!

It is driving me nuts. I am all but sure that I have lost the base that I had and will need to work on restoring it. I have a bunch of parts collected now for my new bike I'm building. Some of the parts I already talked about and some have just shown up in the last few days. I have my sweet @ss fork coming and should be here any day. I will post about that next. Thanks!

Friday, June 10, 2011

update on the game changer

I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon today and we conceded to NOT having surgery. I am happy with this choice and feel positive that I will recover in a timely fashion and hopefully still get in some of the big rides that I was hoping for this year. I left the ER on Saturday, the day of the accident, in an arm sling. I have been irritated and uncomfortable that whole time. It all changed today when the doctor put me in a clavicle splint. It had two padded straps that pass under the armpits and figure 8s behind the back pulling the shoulders back and your chest out. Immediate relief from the pain that I was experiencing.

I loved it so instantly that the first thing out of my mouth was "I can ride my bike with this on". Shot down. A big no no. It does give a false sense of repair but it is nice not to suffer. I have a new spirit about this and I will be in my secret recovery lair pushing out big watts on the trainer to stay on mark for my plans. Day by day, we'll see.

Monday, June 6, 2011

game changer

left clavicle sheared with sliver fragment
I cant hardly stand the position I'm in until I think about how many ways I could've ended up dead or with serious head trauma.
came down from up there to about where my family is standing
ended up down here 15 feet away after 7 or 8 revolutions
just before my ride to Fletcher Allen
 Feel like I've been ran over a few times. My whole core feels crushed. Lost it at about 40mph. Helmet destroyed but glad it did it's job. Looks like surgery and who knows how long off the bike. Maybe I can get on the spin bike in a couple of weeks.