Tuesday, July 19, 2011

rumor has it, I'M BACK!

I took my first (real) ride last night since my accident. Followed by my second this morning. Holy @#!% it felt great. I have waited for this for six weeks and I thought most or all of my season was over but there is hope I can get it back. My legs seem fine but my cardio is way off. Sucking wind like this:

except I wasn't getting the benefits from it. This morning was a bit better but I covered the same distance in less time proven that gravity was helping. I did have some challenging section and it feels so good to go after them.

My immediate goal on the bike is to be ready to the 24hrs of Great Glen. I signed up on a four man team before I broke my collarbone and was all but sure I would have to scratch. This may not be the case and I hope that is how it plays out. The only damage from this is a stupid (ridiculous) medical bill, some missed races at Catamount, and sadly a Duathlon that I was going to do with my wife. I was pretty bummed about that because I feel like it had a small part to do with why my wife stopped running lately.

I have brakes and tires to get for my MTB, still need to lace the wheels and then get the rest together for some test rides. One month to get me and the bike dialed in and then this race will help prepare me for the VT50. The Grande Fritata of my season!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the start of assembly!

the makings of the TD training bike
I am down but I am not out. While being broken and slightly feeling sorry for myself, I setup shop in the living room with the A/C blasting and the TdF on the TV. It was like my own little bike shop. I dropped the post and saddle on to get the bike in the stand and do a few things that I could to the frame. I installed the BB and cranks. They are Camber cranks from MRP. Nice and blingy in white. Then I installed the Syncros headset and got my steer tube marked for cutting. This fork rules! It is 100% carbon. 1.25lbs of joy. I can't wait to push this thing through the trails. I cut my first carbon steerer and it went well. No worries at all. It doesn't show in this picture but it is done and the stem and bars are installed as well. Next I will take the 700c wheels off of my commuter and put them on this bike to set up the cockpit and figure out my cable routing for the IGH. More to come...

I went to the doctors' for new x rays and although things are looking good and feeling even better, it is a slow healing. I am allowed to start riding again soon. He said two weeks, I think maybe one. I did sneak out with the family to the park to see the fireworks last night. First time on the bike since the accident. It felt really good. Almost like that feeling as a kid when you get your first bike. Freedom!