Monday, January 14, 2013

Fatty McFat Fat

Finally, I have the makings of a fatbike going on! It all started with an email to my friend Barney who had found some fat rims on his local (Maine) Craigslist. Didn't think much more about it than the usual intrigue. Then one day I shot him an email asking if he'd consider selling them to me. I was a bit surprised that he said yes right away. He sold them to me for what he got them for which was a considerable savings over retail.

Vicious Cycles Graceful Fat Sheba 80mm rims

 They are both drilled offset for a typical setup on a Pugsley. Since I plan on running an IGH, one of them would be fine but the other would need some mods for the front.

 Barney also had one tire that I got from him as well. Half way there!

 A rim that is drilled offset is perfect for an offset drivetrain. However, not so much for a symmetric front wheel. Therefore I laid out to drill some more spoke holes on the opposite side.


 I was able to get a promo deal on Sapim Super Spokes so I thought that I would use them in this wheel build. They are so thin yet super strong. They will do their part to keep the wheels as light as they can be giving the components chosen.

now drilled for a symmetric wheel

 Drilling the extra 32 spoke holes went well. I did the layout with a rule and square and got them looking good. Then I used an automatic center punch on the marks and drilled them with sequential sized bits on the drill press. Good to go!

The frame. Surly Necromancer or Neck Romancer, formally Black Ops Pug

 I plan on building a frame. I have a lot of plans like that. In the meantime I bought this frame so that I can get out there and finally play in the snow like I want to. I really look forward to riding this bike. It should be a blast.

The rear dropouts. Decent setup for an IGH

Looks like I got broadsided by a car!

current weight of the GFS rims

 I have laid out for 1.25" holes to pull some weight off of the rims. Plus, you gotta show off the rim tape. I think it looks wicked with all the holes in the rims. If they fall apart, I will start over.

change my mind and stop now or go for it?

FAT Goodness
 The latest score was an incredible deal on a Enabler fork and Salsa front hub. What I love the most is that it is drilled for Anything Cages so I can use my PR bags on the fork. Time to start putting it all together.

For what it's worth

I reset the Tour Divide counter to the right. We'll see!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

letting the cat out of the bag

I've been avoiding this post for a bit too long now. I originally was going to post it on the first day of the new year. Furthermore, I was going to have already told my friends. I didn't do any of that and here I am.

I will NOT be at the start line of Tour Divide 2013.

Oh, there is so much pain in seeing those words. It has been hard enough finally saying it out loud to myself and my wife. For many reasons which add up against me, I have to only hope that I will make it for 2014. Instead of actually making that claim, I am going to continue with forward momentum to make it happen. The "when" will work itself out.

To satisfy my desire for adventure, my wife came up with the clever idea that I should plan a small New England tour for next Spring. It would allow me to still have a trip and help with shaking out the kit and making sure everything is in order.

With that said, I leave it behind me and move forward. I have great plans for 2013 and I will now focus on making those work out the best they can.