Monday, February 16, 2009

I broke the ice with a great winter ride!

This was the final climb of the ride. It is hard to get warmed up enough in the cold to get the legs turning at full potential. Climbs are lung burners too!

This is were I came from on the final climb. Part of the climb is hidden around that corner. Yes, I did stop half way up. Inclines are quite a challenge of a fixie, especially with 35c studs.

The ride was just under 14 miles. It started out on a route that was quite windy by the lake. As I turned away it got better. I really enjoyed getting out. I should had changed my tires, the roads were dry enough for 23c road tires. I wish I had some better winter riding gear, but I do fine with what I have. I am way off my mark for hitting my goal before Spring, but I will continue to peck away at it and see where I end up. My average was 11.9 mph.

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Craig Ryan said...

Nice photos Wil, and a great chilly ride! Here is the link to my first frame photo site: