Saturday, February 12, 2011

This week

looks good up there, doesn't it?
Last Saturday I rode to the shop for a while. My wife and daughter picked me up and we went to Catamount for some fun. Justis and I were sledding while Dawn met her friend for a round of snowshoeing. On the way home we saw a roadie on Mountain View Drive cranking up the hill. He had a grin on his face when we went by as he saw my bike on the roof. When we got home, I looked up at my bike on the roof and just liked how it looked so I snapped this photo.

ice castle
 This was still on Church Street as a remnant of the winter festival. It was cool to look at and had lots of detail but nearly impossible to get a good picture of it. It being translucent and the low light made it hard.

Schwinn MTB. I love the pie plate!
 This was out in front of when I stopped by to catch up with my friend for a ride home. Not anything to write home about but I liked the shadows and textures.

San Jose in full fight mode
This picture speaks for itself, I guess.

Last night I went to Lowe's to look into some tools I need for a build coming up and this was tucked into the corner of the building. I assume the thought is (by whomever owns it) that no one will take it for several reasons. 1.) it is in a well lit area so someone would clearly be caught if they were taking it. 2.) The seat has been removed as a security measure. I mean who wants to steal a bike that they have to stand up all the time to ride? 3.) Clearly no one will want it because it's not worth it.

I can only imagine what the thoughts were. Maybe it was abandoned!

I am hoping to get out for a mid to long distance ride tomorrow. I have a couple people on the hook to join me. We'll see if it pans out. It should be descent with the weather.


Apertome said...

Sounds like you're having a good week. The San Jose looks badass, especially where it's standing up in the snow. Nice shots all around, though.

bmike said...

I saw the same mtb @ lowes. Must have been through there just a bit before you!