Wednesday, March 9, 2011

end to one thing - beginning of another - or is it?

 We had a record snowfall. Something like two feet in about 24 hours. It started after my rain ride fell short from a flat (see last post). It turned into snow and fell non stop. Monday was a shut down day. Businesses and schools were closed. I don't play by those rules so I attempted to ride in to the shop right in the middle of all this. It didn't work at all. I didn't get very far before I had to head home and dig out the Durango. I drove to work! DAMN!!! 89 days riding in and back home until this storm took it all away.

So now I am at day 2. I think I don't really care. I had been looking for something to get in the way recently but nothing has. I have been enjoying it but the pressure of keeping it going had taking part of the fun out of it.

So I have decided that there are three ways to deal with this. I have not decided on one of them yet but I think I will soon so I can let go and move on:
  1. I didn't ride so time resets and it is what it is!
  2. I consider the workday a freebie because most of Vermont took the day off and did nothing because it was a crippling storm. Therefore, my record would still continue unscathed. 
  3. I just stop worrying about it and realize that I have already ridden more this calendar year than I have the last two combined. I have almost 1000 miles in just commuting.

I will render a decision on this shortly and post my answer, as if anyone cares. If you do, by the way, feel free to post a comment.

Next post will be a few pictures of my February century turned metric with a gap. I forgot that I took a few in the first half of the ride.

Thanks, Wil


Pondero said...

Maintaining a streak for this kind of things wouldn't mean much to me personally. I'd be focusing on celebrating the success of establishing an excellent "practice".

On the other hand, if you like breaking records, you now have an additional new motivation.

mike said...

it was pretty much impossible to move around on monday - even by pugsley.

you drove into work? i would have stayed home. had to actually. car was literally buried, and we didn't get plowed out until 4 pm. then i had to get the car out with a shovel, which took an hour.

i was surprised to see our plow driver stuck in our very short driveway. 3 times in the 45 minutes he was here. on a good day it takes me 45 minutes to shovel us out!

2' of snow will do that.

celebrate that you've racked up so many miles, and that you'll be kicking it on the upcoming brevets.

sminch said...

Excellent points of view. It came real easy to me. I'm good.