Sunday, March 6, 2011

rain day ride

 I went into this knowing that it would be a wet one. Saturday was the better of the two days but Sunday is my ride day. It started out not so bad. I rode into downtown with a light sprinkle and wet roads but it was warm. I met Mike at City Market and then we took off. There was already a strong wind but the temps dropped a good 5 degrees about as soon as we took off.

The weather only got worse from there. We rode out south and the rain picked up. We turned West and the wind was ridiculous. It drove the rain sideways and man did it hurt. We took shelter and a country store and warmed up a bit before riding back towards home base.

As you can see on the map, the end point was not the start point. As the rain turned to sleet and then eventually snow, I hit a pothole and got a pinch flat! DAMN! We pulled in to a strip mall for cover and I attempted to change the tire (of course it was the rear one) but the cold chills were setting in quickly. We pulled the plug on the ride and Mike called his wife for extraction. At this point we sat in a coffee shop warming up and waited for her. Once she got to us, the weather turned to a full on winter storm.

Still, a fun time on the bike regardless the hardship.


bmike said...

was fun even when wet. the sideways rain and crazy gusts were ridiculous, for sure. too cold and wet to even pull the camera out for this one.

until we stopped moving with the mechanical it was workable. then the chills set in and i was done. hot tea to the rescue - and an understanding wife.

full on winter storm after we dropped you off...

Pondero said...

Three cheers for understanding wives!

...and creatively crafted back-up plans...

greg said...

Bummer about the flat! I have had the same experience with the Nokian tires when I used to ride the mount & ground 26". A mechanic friend of mine did give me one tip though...talcum powder when you mount them and a metal lever for the initial pop off. (slime tubes also!)
Glad you guys made it back without hypothermia! Wish I could say sorry I didn't make it up but this time... :)