Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out in the Wild!

Well, sorta! Just a nature shot in the city. I do look forward to getting it out on some trails soon.

here at last!
My new MTB. Full rigid with an 8spd IGH. Should be interesting. Pretty simple concept though.

Originally going to be white on white but fate changed that a little. No worries, it's built to ride. Looking pretty is just a bonus.

180mm rotor to slow my big ass down. 100% carbon rigid fork to smooth things out.
180mm in the rear too just to be sure. Check out those calipers!
The internal gear hub felt right at home in there. I was even able to route the shift cable nicely.
WTB Vulpine 2.1 Race. These tires are for hardpack but I think that they will do good around here overall. Maybe not so much when it's wet. We'll see.
Now to ride the thing. Long wait on getting it rolling but worth it. I like this bike.

"I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike"


Pondero said...

That looks like tons of fun. Enjoy.

greg said...


Apertome said...

Love it. The IGH on a MTB is interesting, for sure. And yes, those are some serious brakes. Carbon fork on a MTB would make me nervous I think, but I'm assuming they're built pretty ruggedly.

sminch said...

I did my commute on the bike today. I will probably switch up my route a little from time to time so I can get some dirt in.

IGH for mountain bike is interesting but not too far fetched. For serious racing it wouldn't be that great. Shifting isn't as quick and it's heavy. But for overall use off road, what better setup that a straight drive chain system with all the gears tucked safely in the hub. This bike is screaming 11 speed IGH! Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

River Cove/National Guard Drive is in decent shape both ways, but a little washboard.

Some dirt to the commute...

bike looks great!