Friday, September 23, 2011


This weekend is the Vermont 50 mountain bike race. I have a hard time saying that I am a racer but I do put in a solid effort. I have spent quite a bit of time in the woods at Sunny Hollow. I love that place. Last week I rode Friday after work, Saturday morning, and then again Sunday evening and I managed to switch it up each time. There is so much going on in there and with it so close to my house (I just ride over there) it's great.

Tomorrow I head down to southern Vermont to check in and get my race packet. The race starts at 6:15am on Sunday and there is a 12 hour limit. Last year I did it in 9:14. This year I wanted to better that but don't know if I will. I am down a bit from my accident but I think (feel) overall that I am in better shape than when I did it last year. We'll see how it turns out.

I got the Voodoo switched over for the race. I put Nevegal 2.2 tires on in place of the great rolling, pretty awesome Vulpines. With mixed terrain, I prefer them but we will be sure to see plenty of mud this year. Also the terrain will call on some good traction for climbing and braking.

hope these do good. Supposedly there will be mud.
I love these babies!
I also got some Ergon GX-2 grips and pretty much fell straight in love with them. I think if i build a single speed attack machine, I will run the GX-1 grips. They don't have the bar ends. The ones that I got do and I got them because I will invite the idea of multiple hand positions on the Tour Divide. I am still shaking this bike out to come up with the setup that I will have for that "truly" epic event. But I digress:

I also put a 32/21 on the bike. I had a 35/20 and I love it but it will not be low enough for the 50. Hell, I don't know if this will be low enough but "Run what you Brung"

fuel tank and saddle bag, courtesy of Mike
A little out of focus. Sorta symbolic, huh?


bmike said...

Looking good! Those Neve's are gonna be a good choice ... Looks like wet. Be glad you are not racing cross today!

Pondero said...

You look ready to me. Have a great race, and keep it safe. Looking forward to the post-race report.