Sunday, October 9, 2011

life after the Vermont 50

The above picture is my visual reward for getting out early for a ride before starting my day. This is Lake Champlain looking west towards New York. The sail boats are still out and will soon be replace with ice and snow.

Friday morning I headed out and met Mike at the Intervale. He showed me some trails that I didn't know about. The awesome thing it that it was 5:30 in the morning and the only thing we had to navigate with was the light we produced. It was the first time that I have spent in the woods with a light. The trails were quite damaged my the flooding we had from Hurricane Irene. There were many sections that we had to dismount to get over downed trees but it didn't lessen the experience. We connected to the trails at Ethan Allen Homestead and then moved onto the High School trails that I felt were very fun. We popped out on the bike path and I headed on to work.

It was an excellent alternative to just riding to the shop. I will try to do it a few more time before snow flies. At which point I will be rethinking my bike needs and probably getting back on the Bianchi for the winter. I think that I will keep the mtb rolling by switching to 1x9 drivetrain and using it with the Nevegals to play in the snow. More on that later.

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Apertome said...

Trail riding at night can be truly amazing. Unfortunately my magicshine battery got recalled and I've been without it for months and months. I have other lights, but it's hard to go back to something dim after using a really bright light for a while! I definitely need to get out for some night riding soon.