Sunday, January 6, 2013

letting the cat out of the bag

I've been avoiding this post for a bit too long now. I originally was going to post it on the first day of the new year. Furthermore, I was going to have already told my friends. I didn't do any of that and here I am.

I will NOT be at the start line of Tour Divide 2013.

Oh, there is so much pain in seeing those words. It has been hard enough finally saying it out loud to myself and my wife. For many reasons which add up against me, I have to only hope that I will make it for 2014. Instead of actually making that claim, I am going to continue with forward momentum to make it happen. The "when" will work itself out.

To satisfy my desire for adventure, my wife came up with the clever idea that I should plan a small New England tour for next Spring. It would allow me to still have a trip and help with shaking out the kit and making sure everything is in order.

With that said, I leave it behind me and move forward. I have great plans for 2013 and I will now focus on making those work out the best they can.


Mark said...

wow! I know that's gotta be a big disappointment. Regardless, I'm sure there will be plenty of good riding to be had this coming summer... Maybe we should plan a big group thing at a 24 hr. race or something.

greg said...

Hiya Wil...
I know you're bummed but I say good for you! Much better to acknowledge that you are not yet prepared than forge ahead and end up kicking yourself for not waiting another year. I have no doubt you'll do it. Good luck!

Wil Blanchard said...

Mark, I am disappointed but it comes easier knowing that I still have the intentions of doing it.

Greg, Thanks! I just need to keep my mind off of it but my action on the ball. Hope to ride with you more this year.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I've had that feeling where one's disappointments are so much harder to say out loud to oneself. Good luck for next year. I think the Spring tour's a good idea. I'll be following along.

Nursekato said...

Just stumbled upon your blog from discussion on the 2013TD. Too bad about this year. Perhaps I'll see you in Banff in 2014. Keep rolling along!