Friday, June 25, 2010

6/23 race at Catamount

My two lap time this week was 56:23. Not bad considering a few things. My friend Bob and I did a warm up lap before my race started. When we were doing the lap, we got to a section that seemed as if we were off course. As we rode a wide sweeping out and back we saw some blue arrows that showed we were headed in the right direction. We rode some more and it got dangerously close to my start time. We found a rode that led back to the parking lot to the field were the start is. I was told that my class already started. Therefore, I went into my start "hot" and rolled on through. I made my way through the course and came to the part where I new that I could throw down some speed. As I rounded a corner, I rode over a downed branch that covered the whole track. As I went by and kept cranking, I thought what is that about? Did I go the wrong way? This is what I just rode on my practice lap. I ended up turning around and headed back as another rider was coming towards me. I asked him if we went the wrong way. He didn't know. So I turned around again and headed the direction he was going. I said I know that we can get on course this way.

Soon, I passed him and just started riding hard out of frustration. I completed my first lap and headed back in for some more. As I came around to a straight away, another heat started and swarmed me like angry hornets. Wow, they move quick! I then come to my confusing point where I crossed the downed branch and this time it is still there but there is also TWO (2) blue arrows telling us to shoot up a trail just in front of it. Son of a bitch! I rode extra trail, slowed down from confusion, and got a late start on my race. All of this, hopefully, added up to the 6 minute penalty that I had from my race before this one.

Lesson learned? Ride more, practice hard, pay attention!

I'm having a good time though. And as Bob tells his boy, that's all that matters.

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