Monday, June 21, 2010

ok ok

So this is going to take more effort than I realized to keep up with. I will make an honest effort to do posts at night before the day passes.

I have raced my first 2 lap race at Catamount for the season. Giving my follies last year, it is pretty much my first race there. I have a base time set at 50 minutes. I must work on improving on this time. I haven't ridden my bike before this race since last years Vermont50 race. After doing alot of commuting to the shop now, I have really started feeling how big this frame is for me. I need to do something about that. More on that later.

I made it in for registration for this year's VT50. It is on Sept. 26th. This year is going to be so much different than last year. I am using all of my available time to train and get fit for this attempt at finishing. I will do my part and hopefully Mother Nature will do hers and keep it from being a mudfest.

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