Sunday, January 2, 2011

First ride of the year!

Well there you have it. Got out for about 45 miles. I hope this sets the stage for a good year with alot of mileage. The map is a loose interpretation in some sections. There was some bike path and I don't remember the starting part of the route to a T. I'm pleased with my performance. Legs were pretty good. The ride started out warmer than it ended. The temp dropped maybe 10* about mid ride. At least it was dry.

I rode with the studs. I think that I will ride all season with them on until they come off in the Spring. Maybe next year I will have another set of wheels that I can swap out. It may be a bit difficult seeing that I would have to get another Alfine hub. Probably not going to happen with that one. Although, I am thinking about having two front wheels. I plan on riding some long distance rides and Brevets this year so I think that I will lace a Dynohub in a rim that I will use for that. I also will like to have a front wheel with a standard hub. I'm thinking White Ind MI5 hub. It should make a good choice for some of the abuse that I may show it.

The Alfine was perfect. I am really glad that Versa makes STI shifters for the 8 speed hub. It is nice to have the drop bars for more riding positions. The next bike that I put together for the road will most likely have an IGH, maybe the Alfine 11 but it will be a more all road type bike with metro bars and trigger shift. Probably disc brakes too. We'll see when I get there. Until next time!


Pondero said...

Very nice start. You guys in colder climes are an inspiration. I guess I better put on another layer and step it up down here.

Apertome said...

Sounds like a great ride! Disc brakes are basically the one thing I wish my LHT had. Oh well. Also I only have one wheelset too; I swapped out to slick tires for the weekend and it was worth it. Gotta figure out when the studs have to go back on.

I'm looking forward to reading about your brevet experiences.

mike said...

was great to get out! and you kicked a$$ on the studs.

i'm thinking we need to drop some of the chit chat stops. i got pretty chilled out there with everyone catching up! (of course this will change when it gets nasty out and i don't feel like riding!)

was good to run into the other usual suspects too...