Monday, January 24, 2011

negative "WHAT" degrees out this morning!

I am not sure what the temp was for sure. It was -24* at my house when I left. The news said that it was -9* in Burlington. I am sure it was colder than that. I have ridden in -8* and this was way colder by comparison.

Nothing is dead! My toes hurt more than usual and for obvious reasons. I am doing the wool sock, bag, cotton sock method with my cycling shoes. I found that using flat pedals with my hiking boots and appropriate socks are not any warmer. I would have to go to my Sorel's for warmer feet and I couldn't even imagine riding with those on.

My nose was the only exposed part of my body. My balaclava is designed to cover to just under my nose and with my goggles on, it leaves that little triangle for my nose. I rubbed chapstick on my nose to help with wind block. It did ok but was definitely a point of concern. Some of my breathing helped warm it but then it would instantly become frosty from the temps.

my bike did fine. It didn't have any shifting problems but at that temperature it was a snail. There was some obvious lag after freewheeling when the hub would catch up to the pedals. I forgave it for being that way. Its not like I was able to turn my legs all that fast. Kinda felt like a was riding in slow motion.


bmike said...

tough guy~!
way to go!!!

i'm in upstate NY at the moment. -15dF this morning here. didn't ride, had to eyeball local trails first to check conditions in the woods.

Anonymous said...

more like crazy guy!! you are pretty impressive my love!

Pondero said...

Until I started reading cycling blogs, I had no idea that so much of the country had to endure arctic conditions so often. You guys are amazing.

Apertome said...

WOW that's cold. Way to go, riding anyway!

greg said...


Anonymous said...

Wil, I saw you roll through the bus mall (cherry streett) yesterday morn'. I was waving at you from inside warm and toasty bus #2. :-)

it was balls cold