Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow storm

It snowed all day. This is a shot from the office door at my shop. I left about an hour early to get a jump on the night fall. Some days, like today, you get yourself in the position of having no where to be. It was a good time. I really enjoy riding in the snow. Next year I really hope to have a fat tire bike that I can use from time to time. Tonight would have been one of those times.

front wheel snow ball! This is a high flange hub, though you can't tell.
The Alfine turned into a snow ball too!


Pondero said...

It looks difficult to get around, but I guess it does have certain appealing adventurous tendencies.

sminch said...

Chris, That is about the jest of it. I sold my second car so that I would have a better chance at being a bike commuter. It is working. I love it and have been full time since the first weekend in Nov. '10. Riding home last night was quite challenging but a complete blast!