Friday, February 18, 2011

what an awesome feeling!

Seems the theme around right now is the goodness of good weather. It was 46 degrees when I rode home tonight. I was in my shorts with no gloves, no balaclava, and only a base layer under my jacket. If I didn't need my jacket for my ride this weekend (I'm gunning for a century on Sunday) I would have just wore a long shirt instead. I left the shop at 4:30 and rode in full light. That was the best! I look forward to a lot of warm weather riding.

These two pictures are of the hike-a-bike section that is on my commute. I only have to do it in the evenings because I leave early in the morning when there is very little traffic and just stay on the main road. At night all the coffin drivers are eager to get home and I feel like a target. The picture above is looking towards the shop. The one below is looking towards home. It doesn't look like much but it is pretty deep and sections of it are quite post holed. It is super soft because of the warm up so I sank through about six inches of snow down into about 2 or 3 inches of water. Nice!

This last picture is of my latest project. It is phase one of a kitchen/Bar area in the basement of a 6500 sq ft house. It is there secondary kitchen for the entertainment room. I made up this facade and installed it so that I could template for the tops. They will get installed next and then there are columns that continue up to the ceiling. Should be pretty sweet.

Have a good weekend and check back to see if I pull off the century. The weather isn't looking that great.


greg said...

Nice weather for sure.

Nice work too!

Anonymous said...

Wil- great to see you out on your February century ride! How'd it go?I think it is fair to count miles on snow as double those on dry surface. We should discuss fueling strategy sometime... I am wondering if yours worked at > 6 hours in the cold?

The hike-a-bike section of your commute gives me TD flash backs: Togwotee Pass or Red Meadow Lake - nice long walks in the snow!