Friday, April 1, 2011

better late than never (plus a century)

With only two days till my first brevet (200K pre-ride), I'm just getting to posting a bit about my ride two weeks ago. Mike and I did an out and back to Hero's Welcome:

Picture jacked from Mike's blog!
 We did ~80 slightly chilly, wind blown miles along the lake. It was a great time. I had to thank Mike for such an awesome route. He has quite a knack for that which leads me to believe that the VT Brevet series is going to be a blast. I particularly look forward to the Fall Classic. Lot's of dirt. That is my thing. I love the roads of Vermont. You can enjoy all the dirt you want with a little planning.

On the return trip we hit a dirt road section that brought us along the lake and guess what I found?

The offspring of "Champ" the Lake Champlain sea monster. Its amazing how secure it was in getting its picture taking. I guess its waiting for the ice on the lake to melt like we all are.

After a short roadside break, we pedaled back to the start. I would have about 20 miles to cover in order to hit my century for the month. When I got to the start, I rode on for 10 miles and turned back. It was the hardest part of the ride. I put a strong effort in and would have been very content with the 80 but I pushed on to get it all. Saddle time is important for my ultimate goal.

On a completely separate subject. Look what my friend Joe did when he returned home to his house and pulled into the garage. OUCH!

A new frame geometry Joe is working on!
The bike was in the tray on the roof facing rearward. The rear tire and basket hit the face of the garage and just folded the front. That is a carbon fork and it survived. Says a lot for carbon technology.

Thanks for reading.

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mike said...

carbon fork?
basket on the rear rack?
upright bars?

what type of creature is this?