Tuesday, April 26, 2011

even a horrible day on the bike is a good day!

Oh my, did I ever suffer on Sunday. I made it out for an Easter morning ride with my friend Joe. It was a gorgeous day indeed. Although that didn't keep me from suffering, and man did I.

I had a completely off day. I previously road the Gravel Grinder and raved about how good I felt and how fun the ride was. It was something like 3100ft of climbing in 28 miles. The Easter ride was only 2400ft in 41 miles. Less climbing and more pain. As soon as we came to the first climb I was struggling. By the time we got to the second climb I had nothing in the legs and limped up in first gear. I knew that this wasn't going to be easy.

I stuck to it and despite the suffering, I had a great time. Although I knew when I had enough and luckily that was near the end of our ride. I got home and I was cooked. My legs hurt like they did when I did the VT50 last year. That was a 9:14 ride with tons of climbing. I was definitely off! That same day, my wife ran 11 miles. After dinner she suggested that we go walk the dogs around Indian Brook Reservoir. I reluctantly accepted and in the end I agreed that it was a good idea. It loosened my legs up completely.

Yesterday I did my bike commute and it proved that I was just off. I can't believe the experience but I had it. Now I have to focus on why and try to avoid that in the future. Especially this weekend. I don't want my 300k brevet to be a death march.


Pondero said...

I was tempted to try and offer training advice from my racing days, but let's not call it advice. I'll just say that 3-5 easy days before an event, coupled with a nice long, easy, warm-up at the event, worked well for me.

I hope you have a fantastic 300k, and am looking forward to the report.

bmike said...

off day for me too! spent the afternoon on the singlespeed and everything hurt. monday was no better. limped along on the go fast bike in the little ring, just trying to spin and keep the legs moving.

Anonymous said...

get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and pray for a tail wind the whole way!!:) you can do it babe..

Apertome said...

Sounds rough -- it happens to all of us. Good luck on the 300k!

sminch said...

Chris, Any pointers are well noted. I will take pictures this time and try to tell the story.

Mike, just as long as this ride doesn't treat us badly

My babydoll, Thank you for all of your support. I love you.

Thanks to you too, Michael.