Sunday, April 10, 2011

My first ever Brevet

I pre rode the VT 200k brevet on 4/3/11. 130 miles that belong to me and only me. Solo ride! Only two weeks after my last century. I hesitate to say that I finished with only 10 minutes to spare on the the time cutoff. But, with that said, I have to add that I had a head wind for the last 90 miles of the ride. It slowly wore away at me until I had nothing more but the ability to just keep cranking the pedals until I made it to the finish. I have a lot to learn about on bike nutrition and fueling and at the same time this ride gave me a crash course on the subject.

I rode and rode. Some parts were just amazing and the rest were definitely worth doing. I didn't take a single picture. At one point I even vividly remember that I was going to keep the whole experience to myself. After all, I worked for the whole thing, right? Any ways, I have to admit that it was harder than the first two centuries that I did in the dead of winter. I will absolutely stand behind the fact that the wind played a huge part in the outcome of the ride. Bottom line, I stuck with it and never gave up. That is all that I can ask of myself. Commit and complete!


greg said...

Nice job Wil! Thanks for posting. That wind was deadly, you are a trooper.

Pondero said...

Congratulations! I clearly understand that the wind is no trivial matter. It is huge, and you are a hero for dealing with it for 90 miles. You must have the right mental stuff to be a rando dude. Well done!

sminch said...

Thanks guys. That wind was probably averaging 15mph. It was a death march for far too long. Still, the views that I kept to myself were worth it. Maybe I will work on taking more picture.

Apertome said...

Congrats! 90 miles of brutal headwind is really harsh. Way to stick with it!

mike said...

hey, i just did the same course with little to no headwind and i took 2 pics, but i don't feel like i should post them.

you earned that ride sir. huge effort for you to get it done on time. and i'm glad i was there at the finish to get you fed and get you home.

TD - 22 to 26 days of that, one after the other. can't wait.