Monday, May 16, 2011

catching up some more

Got out with my training partner, Mike, for a wet ride yesterday morning. Mike got a new bike and we thought it was only proper to put it through the ringer. We did pavement and dirt and muck and rain. It was actually a good time.

The weekend before I updated my drivetrain. I put a new ring, cog and chain on the bike. The one that I removed had gotten me through the winter and it was time for a new one.

Shiny and new!
When I changed out the rear, I put an 18t on down from the previous 20t that I ran in the winter. I wanted a little more top end but didn't want to loose too much low end. After riding it now for a week, I think that I am going to try a 40t ring up front. The 38t is new and I had it already so that's what I went with. Also I want to wait until after the 400k to go taller. I heard from a reliable source that there is plenty of climbing on this course.

you are what you drink...or something like that

I put a little inspirational bling on the top cap to help get me through these long rides, for what it's worth anyways. I have decided that the 400k will be my last ride in the brevet series sans the fall classic which I very much look forward to. I think with my upcoming schedule of events, I need to alter my training a bit and focus more on some other areas of my fitness.

Some things, although changed a bit, will remain a big focus. This is one of them:

Here's a hint!

I will write up my thoughts on this in my next post. I have been constantly sorting out details in my mind and have things pretty much figured out now. One last picture to show a bit of what's to come. I have received some of my build kit for the Tour Divide bike. The cockpit is all Syncros which is a Ritchey Components company. Awesome stuff and I got these in my favorite color. It is called matte white grunge. Need I say more!


bmike said...

twas a great day to christen the new rig. mud, rain, slop. i really needed that lunch break too. would not have made it home.

nice parts. can't wait to see it built up!

Apertome said...

Riding in the rain *can* be fun, although I've pretty much avoided it lately, myself. Sounds like a good time! I look forward to seeing what you're building up.

bmike said...

he's building up a bike that will never be as clean as the day he puts the chain on... ;)

and he'll likely ride the snot out of it.

greg said...

Okay, the tour divide counter is by far the best count down timer I have EVER seen.