Thursday, May 26, 2011

The next chapter

The VT50 is a great event. It is also hard to get into. They limit the number of entries and it usually sells out in minutes. This will be the third year that I am doing it. The first year, '09, I got swept. You have to make it to aid stations within a certain amount of time or they pull you. I was about 9 hours in with 28 miles to go and got pulled that year. Last year I did it and finished. I had completed it is 9 hours 14 minutes, which happens to be the same time of where I was when i got swept the year before.

This year I am hoping for a finish of 8'30" or better. Four months and counting to prepare. Part of that preparation will include a Duathlon with my wife. She is running, I'm doing the bike leg. It should be a fun event. I am also one of a four man team for the 24hrs of Great Glen on 8/12. This is going to be a blast. It should be enough riding for each of us and not too much to blow us up. On 8/28 I will try and do the Race to the Top of Vermont. This course goes up the Auto Toll Road on Mount Mansfield, the tallest mountain in VT. The road is only opened once a year to this event for pedestrians. The elevation is 2,550 ft in just 4.3 miles. Up Up Up! That brings me full circle on this post with the VT50 which is on 9/25 which is my wife's birthday. I have to find something super nice to share the day with her. We plan on renting a room at the mountain for that weekend. Fun times!

10/1 is the 200k Fall Classic brevet that is made up of a lot of dirt. Since it is the weekend after the 50, I may ride my MTB on this ride. And let me not forget to mention that all of this will only be possible if I can get my bike built in time. I retired my old MTB and I don't want to go backwards here. Time to get busy.

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Apertome said...

Man. Those are some awesome rides. Makes me feel sad that I've had so little time to ride. Can't wait to read your reports. What fun!