Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year! It is 2009

Finally the craziness of work schedules have past. I will now be able to start commuting by bike a couple days a week. I hope that I can get myself use to the idea of riding a bike in weather that is in the teens. I am still wanting to switch my bars over to flat from drop, but I will have to do that in a couple of weeks. I will try to write on the days that I ride to share my experiences. I have to remember that I made a personal goal to ride 300 miles this winter. I am sure that I can do it. I also want to take some spin classes this winter to keep my endurance up as well as ride my trainer down stairs. I don't want to be a fat cyclist this year. Maybe I can earn an "s" this winter and put it in the "fat" and make it "fast". :) Don't be evil. Be nice and ride often!

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Foresta Bikes said...

Go for it Wil! Let's hear more about the commute: terrain, distance, traffic. I ride in everyday, but it's very short and on a mountain bike. I'm not so sure about the flat bar idea, that bike is great with drops.