Saturday, February 18, 2012

time to build some wheels

recipe for a great wheel
Not much I can really say or show here. I will post the finished wheels when I am done. I do feel that it is a good idea to use spoke head washers on a good build. They take up the slop at the interface of the spoke head and the hole in the hub. I don't remember the full story but at some point it became a standard to drill spoke holes a 2.5mm and spokes are 2mm. The brass washer, when the spokes are tensioned, will take a conical shape filling the space in the hub that could otherwise cause play in the junction.

*EDIT: A friend of mine gave me some pretty solid information on spoke head washers and not only is it not possible to use them, it is unnecessary. I ended up deleting them. 

I tend to have some pretty bad luck with breaking spokes. I think it has a lot to do with the use of straight pull spokes. Hopefully the double butted spokes will help alleviate that.

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