Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, I done gone and did it!

What was I thinking? I don't ride single speed. I don't have the physical fitness base to pull it off. I lost a lot of that and motivation since my accident. But wait! Aren't I in control? Can't I be the one that decides what I can and can't do?

That is the plan. I signed up for Single Speed USA that is in Stowe, VT this year. Too cool of a thing to pass up. That is of course you have an aggressive training plan that will leave me in the best possible condition for my attempt of the Tour Divide.

SSUSA2012 isn't until the end of July. That is good and bad. It allows for the time needed to prepare but it allows for time needed in such a way that may cause me to delay my efforts. I have to stay conscience of this and use my time wisely.

More of a direct concern is this:

   It's that time of year again. Last year I was in a good place with my performance. This year, I am about 400 miles off of my mark. Lots of riding and training in my near future.

Stay tuned!


greg said...

Nice Wil! I have no doubt that you will go and do it! Bravo.

How are your new shoe covers working out?

sminch said...

Hey Greg, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the encouragement. The new shoe covers work incredible. They fit my shoe perfectly and there has been zero zipper issues.

Groundshine said...

Cool - I am signed up too! Also felt the same way - too cool to pass up 9and the not in shape part as well.... see you there!)