Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Gravel Grinder that got away

After two weeks of ridiculous pain behind my right knee, I finally went to the doctor two days before the GG. They found a blood clot. MEH!

I am under treatment for it now and after just a few days it is feeling tremendously better. With a little patience and tender care, I will be back in the saddle again! It seems that I keep finding set backs. Or more so, they are finding me. I have about three months to the day to get my sloth like existence into a state of being that will allow me to survive a ride (not a race in my case) of about 30 miles of single track on a single speed bike.

Back to the Grinder:

 It was a gloomy day. Cold, stiff wind and no sun to speak of. That didn't stop some 150 people from participating in the 5th running of this event. I have to say that this particular type of riding is my favorite. Suffering on some climbs, bombing some downhills, and dirt. I love it. Not this time but I have and I will again.
 There was an aid station at about half way and it was set up in typical "George" style! Everyone was having a great time. The weather doesn't ever seem to put a damper on this event. I have done it will mud and even snow and it is still awesome.
 That, my friend, is the spread. Bananas, pretzels, twizzlers, meat sticks, cheese, and BACON. Even chocolate drizzled bacon. I resisted any of the aid station delights and reserved them for the riders BUT....
  I did partake in some necessary refreshment. After we felt everyone had come through the half way point, we packed up and headed to the finish where we got the after ride delights set up. Freida's of Stowe hosts the after ride food with some delicious chicken tacos with homemade tortillas. Excellent! There was even a keg of Vermont's own Long Trail on tap.

Moving on! Next up is SSUSA. I don't know if the SS frame I'm building will be done in time so I think that I am going to set up my Voodoo with the King/Stan's wheelset if it comes down to it. As much as I think I will never be ready for it, I can't wait to do it.

More to follow!


Mark said...

Building a SS frame? I hope you're taking photos of that project. Nice write up. I was hoping to add some photos of you "enjoying" the climbs with Joe but I guess that'll have to wait for next year.

sminch said...

Hey Mark, thanks! I am documenting it. This is my Flickr link to follow along.

Slow going right now but I hope to ramp it up real soon. Lots of work. I will definitely be doing the Grinder next year. Well, you know, if I can stay out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

I had 2 slices of the choco bacon plus a large glug of the mezcal/tequila. Perfect mid-ride snack and drink!

greg said...

I know you'll be back at it soon. Look forward to seeing you on some rides this year.