Saturday, April 28, 2012

my 100th post, FrakenBianchi

I just realized that this is going to be my 100th entry on this blog. Honestly I should have way more posts than that but nonetheless, it is a milestone. So, what to talk about? Well, why not the latest on what's up. I have the Bianchi coming together very nicely. I put a King headset in place of the original. I felt that when replacing the fork it was a good time for the upgrade.

look at all those colors
I brought the bars up with a spacer for a neutral position. I will be able to tweak it a little by flipping the stem over if I want to bring it up a little more. Maybe for the 400k!

I got a Soma fork that is used on the Double Cross. It has a very similar rake and A-C measurement as the fork that was on my San Jose. I have plans to drill the legs on this fork to add bosses for Anything Cages. I had Scott of the Porcelain Rocket make me some bags that are designed for the cages. This is one of them:
I think these bags will add a nice feature to the rando rig for long rides. There are a lot of creative solutions for getting gear on the bike and I think this is a great one.

I want to keep the fork clean and tidy. I will drill a hole just above the dyno connector and run the wires inside of the fork leg and then bring it back out up high to the light. It will look cleaner and keep it out of harm's way.

These mods will take place at a later time. Right now I want to focus on finishing up the build and getting some miles on it to shake it out. I have just less than two weeks until the 200k and I want to do it. I'm not sure how much suffering will take place but with my recent set backs, I look forward to it.



Pondero said...

Hoping the recovery and the build go well, and that you have a blast on the 200k. Tell us all about it.

Mark said...

A King headset always makes the bike look better. What's with the high performance headset spacer? Drilling holes in the fork would make me really nervous but I love the idea of running the wires internally.

sminch said...

@Chris - thanks. I hope I can manage to have a good time. Not much can go wrong in 120 miles, right? ;)~

@Mark - hot spacer, huh? I went for over the top. This bike is at least colorful. I don't worry at all about drilling a steel fork. There's usually holes in these things anyways. Removing stressors is the biggest help. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

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