Monday, April 9, 2012

San Jose facelift

While I regroup and set up my plans for this years' riding season I have decided to make some changes to the Bianchi. It will maintain much of its luster but I will change a few key things and give it an upgrade on stopping power.

First up is the cockpit. My Friend, Mike, loaned me a pair of narrow woodchippers. I have been thinking that I can keep it compact but add some stability and control by taken advantage of the flared drops.

This is my quick time assessment on how I want to run them. I won't know more until I take it for a spin. I will run some new cables and take it for a spin before I wrap the bars.

Next up is wheel work. I don't like the Velocity Deep V at all. It has been a real problem over the last two winters. I laced the Alfine IGH to it and the biggest problem is getting a tire on or off the rim. The last issue was pinching a tube while changing to my summer tires and putting a hole in the tube. My other friend, Jim, had a set of Mavic rims that I plan on lacing up for the San Jose. Still going with the Alfine 8 speed in the rear and I will lace an Alfine dyno hub to the front.

time to build some more wheels

I will lace these wheels up with double butted spokes. The beauty of the Alfine hub is that it accepts centerlock disc rotors. Which brings me to my next change, disc front.

I have been a bit shy on the down hills since I had my accident last Spring. I want to try to add a level of stopping power that I can't find with the canti brakes. Enter, the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake. I can change the fork on the bike to accept disc on the front but I have to stay with canti in the rear. I will upgrade to a better brake to increase rear wheel braking power and give the whole bike a fresh new feel.

Avid BB7
Avid Shorty Ultimate
That is the long a short of my plans. I want to have this bike rolling again ASAP. The Gravel Grinder in Waterbury is in two weeks and I want to use this bike. I don't think I will have the new brakes on the bike or the front wheel. I do plan on having the rear wheel rebuilt and the bars figured out.


Mr. Incredible said...

"I have been a bit shy on the down hills since I had my accident last Spring."

That's probably a good thing. Why go with canti's on the rear instead of some V-brakes? Avid makes a nice set. Overall, it looks pretty nice.

sminch said...

I'm unsure of how I will play out the rear brake. I look forward to the front disc on the front and the Dyno light is going to be just badass!

Anonymous said...

See you at the Grindah!