Sunday, December 12, 2010

bike mods coming up

I am finally getting some parts together to modify my single speed 'cross bike! It is an all purpose bike and I love that I can and have set it up in many configurations to suit the task at hand. In the summer I put 23c tires on it with the 42/18 and made it my road cruiser. I even put flat bars on it that I cut down for the short fixie-type stance. This past fall I put 35c 'cross tires on it with a 32/18 and raced it at Catamount in the CX series. I did the best I could. Now I put the 38/18 on it and have just switched to the studs and use it to commute and ride with the guys on Sundays.

Now I am taking the bike to the next level. GEARS! Shimano Alfine 8speed IGH. I ordered a pair of Velocity Deep V hoops in yellow. I think that they will look sweet and they will give a level of visibility to my bike and me while I am on the road. I am going to run Versa 8 shifters and brake levers so that I can keep the drop bars.

Now, I will still run the bike in the different setups but now I will have the luxury of gears. I will run a 42/18 setup in the summer and a 38/18 in the winter. This will give me a large range of gears designed to be best for the conditions. I love that 4th gear is direct drive. It allows you to pick the ratio that you want and then know what you have up and down from there.

I will post pictures of the build when I start. Probably my holiday project.


Apertome said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love the bike ... I have a Bianchi too, though mine is an Imola. You've got one versatile machine there! My Long Haul Trucker is very versatile as well.

sminch said...

Michael, thanks for chiming in. I will be following your endeavors. Keep it up.