Monday, December 27, 2010

some thoughts

This was a morning last week that I rode to the shop. I shot this picture when I got there. I almost can't believe how much I enjoy riding in the winter.

It was that morning that I had to ride fixie. I completely destroyed my freewheel. All of the grease from the sealed unit escaped and ran dry. The pawls starting skipping and that was it. There is a fixed gear cog in there some where.

This is a beauty! I mounted the Nokian on the wheel and it looks like a workhorse.

Here's a cool shot that doesn't look so hot with all the clutter in the background. This wheel weighed in at 8 lbs even. It is a bit heavy but I think that once I reap the benefits of the IGH, I will not even worry about that at all.

Here it is mounted. All I had left at this point was to run the shift cable and do up the brake cables and change the rear pads.

Velocity makes these bottle traps that match their rim colors. I thought I would throw one on. I like it well enough.

Finally, I threw some new pads on the rear. Not only did I want a fresh start for the new rim, I had absolutely no life left in the old pads.

Here it is ready to roll. The only thing that I didn't do was wrap the bars with new tape. I want to be sure I don't need to change anything or move the hoods any. Tomorrow I head out to shake it down. I will post my thoughts and comments on that later.


Apertome said...

I hope the IGH works out well for you. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of the yellow rim, but it looks great on the bike.

sminch said...

thanks! It is great and I will post about it soon. The yellow was kinda a gimmick based on the idea of being more visible but after putting it on, I like it too. It will look real nice when the front is done. I am trying to decide what hub I want to run. Thanks for looking. Wil