Monday, December 20, 2010

today's happenings

I love (loved) these booties. They are the SottoZero and they fit very nice. Booties take a bit to get on but I didn't mind too much. Until....

This happens! This is my second pair in a very very short period of time. The first pair lasted two weeks of twice daily use and then the zipper exploded. This pair zips up crappy and then by the time I am done riding, the zipper separates. No good at all. To save time and hassle I will be investing in some winter cycling shoes. $$$$ In the mean time...

I will be running the Drilliums with boots. Not at all what I like to do but I have to have warm feet and the booties just won't hold up. (Yes, Joe, you told me so)

Next up, I half heartily cleaned a spot on my rear fender and drilled two holes and

now I have a reflector with a small LED that will help these coffin drivers (I'm not sure why I said that) see me better. It isn't that big

but this one is and its bright. It looks a little weird but not really.

This sweet little lady is going to get laced into....

this hoop. The yellow is nice. I think that it will pop on the bike. It will go oh so nicely with the yellow bar tape that I like so much.

Stay tuned!


greg said...

Yes, Mike and I actually went to college together in Cleveland! I do indeed plan to ride some of the rides this year. Definately the 200 and 300, maybe the 400.

I have been contemplating getting insulated booties versus the Keen shoes with cleats for that April 9th brevet(cold no doubt) and seeing your post makes me think Keens with wool socks! Good luck with staying warm.

sminch said...

Greg, stay away from the booties if you can. I would be much better to go the other route. I think they would work a lot better with a road shoe which have less mass than MTB shoes.

good luck, Wil