Sunday, December 19, 2010

sunday outing

I got out this morning for a ride with my friend Mike B. We met at the City market downtown.

Here is my ride before it goes under the knife next week for its 8 speed internal gear hub. I can't wait to get this baby rolling with some gear options. It will help out a lot with my commute and make it overall more enjoyable to ride. Long time coming, for sure!

Here it is shoved in the snow at Mike's house. We rode over there from the market. We decided to ride on some trails and the snow packed bike path because "he" showed up on this....

His sweet ass new Surly Pugsley. If you didn't notice the nearly four inch wide tires, let me tell you that this is a snow bike. It is a super toy for the fluffy white stuff. Envy!

Mike was nice enough to loan me his Soma. It is setup single speed with studded tires. Where we were at this picture was a bit much for me to get through so we turned around and hit the bike path down to North Beach.

This picture is awesome. I really like it. Enough said.

The water was so calm, it was so nice out. There was fog on the lake which keeps you from seeing across to the New York shoreline.

Here's looking south down the beach towards downtown. Its pretty awesome to see this strip of gravel that divides the water and the snow. Incredible!

This bike is a little small for me but it was fine and a blast to ride in the snow. I am definitely a fan of the IGH and if I ever put together a bike like this, I will surely be running one.

The Pug is like a monster truck of bikes. Gearing and tire pressure are things you have to adjust, tweak and get used to but it likes to laugh at the terrain. I would like to put some time in on one of these.

That's it for now. Maybe I will get out on Sunday after Christmas and get some more pictures of our great playground.

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bmike said...

Twas a great day out. Glad you enjoyed the Soma... That pix is super cool.