Thursday, December 1, 2011

ready for the truing stand

It's a beautiful thing when it's shiny and new. Then it has an all new beauty when it is worn in and dirty
So, there is a really good chance that I will have the Bianchi rolling at the beginning of the week. I would have to say that we have be lucky to have an extended fall riding season this year. Usually we are already riding in the snow and deep cold. Heck, it hasn't even been that cold. Well, the days are numbered. It will be here soon enough and I will be ready. I am going to set up the winter studs tubeless this year. At least I plan to. I am using the Stans kit. I will be wrapping the rim with yellow rim tape to seal the spoke holes and a self sealing valve stem with their sealant. Hopefully I can get them to seal up and make it work. I only (unbelievable) had one flat last year with the studs on. That is amazing given the hundreds of miles I logged. Hopefully the tubeless system will give a new experience to it. Stay tuned.


Mark said...

Any idea how the sealant behaves in really cold weather? I ran home made studs for a few years with tubes and didn't have any problems but I had a big thick Mr. Tuffy as a liner behind the studs.

sminch said...

Hey Mark,

I contacted Stan's tech department and they said that the sealant isn't effected by the cold at all. They are in upstate NY so they too know a thing or two about fallen temps. They also said that they have customers in Alaska that haven't had issues either.

The good thing about factory studded tires is the studs are in pockets so they don't go through the tire. Less holes to fill with sealant. NICE! I'll give a full report on it.