Wednesday, December 7, 2011

was sick, now studs, still with tubes

A week and a half ago I went for a ride with Mike that ended with him catching an endo with his face on a rock. He gashed his chin and we called it done. I rode on out cutting through some woods and endind at home. Later that night my throat hurt like it hasn't for a long time. I am just now starting to shake whatever it was that I caught. I haven't been riding much since then.

Tonight I finished up the winter commuter. It now has the Alfine 8 speed (again) on it and it will live there until the end of its days. I also put on the saddle bag, fenders, front and rear lights. What I don't have is the tubeless system setup. I ran in to some problems with it tonight. I want to call them and talk tech and maybe I will have it done this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

home sweet home.
The IGH didn't look so big on the mtb. The rim was wide. The tire was wide. After that it looks pretty big on the road bike, especially with the 28c tires. I rode this around in the parking lot a little last night and it feels so weird being on this bike. It almost feels too small, which it isn't, after being on the 29er with 28" wide bars. Oh well, in a matter of time, I will get used to it. After all, its just like riding a bike.

We have some inclement weather coming in over night so I will be riding in the morning to give everything a test run.


Anonymous said...

Did not see you on route 15 this AM but I did see Surly guy, plowing through the slush and snow.

Apertome said...

Seems like everyone is getting sick. I'm glad you are on the mend. I'm not at all ready for winter riding. Looks like you are prepared now. Why tubeless?

Pondero said...

Such a cool bike, with or without tubeless. Still, keep us updated on the tubeless plan.

sminch said...

Michael, I only had one flat all winter last year but I am thinking tubeless will allow me to run some lower pressures on certain days for better traction without having to worry about pinch flats.