Sunday, December 11, 2011

winter bike rolling

She lives again

The saying stands true. "It's just like riding a bike". Friday was the first day of a commute on the road bike. Longest ride on it since the accident that broke my collar bone back in June. It is about 10 miles from the house to the shop. I felt a bit uneasy at first on the ride in but by the time I got there, I seemed to be settling in to the bike. On the way home it seemed all but second nature.

Next step is to get the mtb rolling again and then I will start building a single speed mtb this winter.


greg said...

Nice Wil.

Glad to hear the ol' collarbone is doing good.

Wilson said...

Nice BLOG. I am playing a bit of catch up on it though...
Am I to understand that you had your Alfine on your MTB? I was thinking about this but wasn't sure if it would be a good mix. Did it work? What kind of chainring mix did you have up front? It looks like the 8 speed and not the 11, is that correct?
You've got some great photos here. I'll be checking in!

sminch said...

@Wilson - Hey, thanks for checking in. I did have the IGH on my mtb. It was only removed because it's real home is on my road bike/commuter. It is an 8 speed and I will be getting the 11 speed to find its way back on the mountain bike. It works wonders and it is pretty much maintenance free. I did the VT50 mountain bike race this year with it set up in full rigid and the bike was wonderful. Keep watching, there is more to come.