Thursday, December 1, 2011

switching it up

The mtb is crippled for the time being. I have started the process of putting the Alfine back on the Bianchi where it will find a permanent home. This was the plan all along, I just look forward to actually having both (at least two) bikes fully operational at all times.

I cut the IGH out of the mtb wheel

I am not sure but the Voodoo might get set up single speed or 1x9 for the winter. It might get nothing at all. I'm not sure that I want to put the energy into it but I hate that it can't be ridden now.

I have loose plans to set it up as a dedicated dirt road rambler. I envision mountain drop bars, STI shifters for perhaps a 2x10. Something that will be comfortable during long periods of time in the saddle. Of course to do this I would have to build up yet another mtb that will be used for Tour Divide. I don't have much in the way of plans for a road bike except for setting the Bianchi up for winter commuting/long rides. Which brings us to this.

ready to be built up

I'm looking forward to a lot of riding in the snow. I find it interesting and fun. It also helps considerably with bike handling skills. This rim was originally going on the front of the bike last year but I never laced it up. I was going to run a dynamo hub but haven't settled into that yet. Therefore I will continue to use the wheel I got from Jim on the front and use this new rim to rebuild the rear wheel.


Pondero said...

As someone who feels obsessively anxious without at least one back-up bike (you never know what might happen), I sure hate to see the Voodoo out of commission. I'd be tempted to get it rolling (even a temporary SS build), just in case. Whatever you decided, keep us informed.

sminch said...

I think the mountain bike will see a single speed setup for the winter with some studded tires. There are alot of fun dirt roads that I love to spend time on and it will be a fun bike for playing more so than trying to get somewhere.