Sunday, April 29, 2012

more progress with the San Jose

I got the rim tape on and got the rubber on the rims. I got the Afine back together (shift components) and set up the chain. I decided to leave it at 38/20 which is where it was the last time I rode it. Technically it was this past winter but I didn't really put much time in on it. I had some trouble with the studded tires hooking up so I got a little gun shy for a bit. The drivetrain is all good to go. I mounted up the front disc and caliper. The Formula adapter is pretty sweet but it seems to push the rotor outboard quite a bit. Look how much clearance (or lack) there is between the rotor and fork.

This might have to change. I am not sure if there will be any flex in the front end that will cause the rotor to hit the fork. I will find out when I ride it. If it becomes an issue I have two ways to solve it. The first may be the easiest and that is to order and centerlock rotor. I was trying to avoid that because the brakes already came with a rotor that I can use. The second option is to dimple the fork leg on the inside where the rotor is close so that there is more clearance. Since I plan on doing some drilling and brazing to the fork, I could do this method and then repaint the fork. We'll see!

I like the look. I do wish they were hydro! hmmm, next build
 I have the cockpit all set up. I talked in the last post about being able to adjust it a little by flipping the stem. Well I got on the bike to check out the position and was not satisfied with it. I went ahead and flipped the stem and now it seems to be right on.

Salsa woodchipper bars courtesy of Mike B.
 So, it seems that I am down to the tedious tasks of finishing everything up. I need to run cables for the brakes and IGH, wrap the bars (which I always cringe at doing) and mount up the rear brakes. I ended up going with the AVID shorty ultimate cantis. You can set them up in either wide or narrow depending on your needs. They seem to be made well and hopefully they perform well too.

Hopefully I can get a bit closer to being done with it all tonight. I'm eager to get it rolling and I need some saddle time before 5/12.


Pondero said...

That look like a fun bike. Looking forward to hearing how if performs.

mark said...

Wow! Look at length of that grass by the fence! The bike is looking good. Wrapping bar tape isn't so bad, just start at the bottom and work your way up.

sminch said...

That is actually the side of a building next to my house. Cool back drop I thought. The grass needs mowed for sure. It sounds like your analogy for wrapping bars it what I tell myself with every climb!

Rubenest said...

Any problem with the San Jose spacing and the Alfine hub? I am about to ser up one on mine SJ but not sure. I've read that it might cause problems with the chainline

sminch said...


No problems with the alfine. The San Jose has 130 rear spacing and the hub has 135. I small pull on the dropouts and it goes right in. We're only talking 2.5mm on each side. No need to cold set the frame.

Chainline issues can be handled with different BB systems. There are several out there that are adjustable. You can also play around with which side of the spider you put the chainring and/or shim it with washers.

This bike will eventually end up with the alfine 11 speed. 8 isn't bad even for our hills in Vermont but the 11 will be pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading, Wil